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Giving birth to a technology idea can be a daunting task. Having the idea is one thing, being able to bring it to fruition is another. At Total Infotech & Telecoms Limited, we will listen to you patiently, ensuring we capture all the details and also provide advisory services on whether the idea will be needed in the market place and other matters relating to scalability.


Total Infotech & Telecoms Limited is a World class website development company in Lagos. With over 10 years of experience in website design, website development, and mobile app development in Nigeria. We have what it takes to serve you, knowing that we take character and integrity of the services we offer seriously. 


In getting a website up to date with the latest content and graphics, a deep understanding of the architecture of the website is needed. At Total Infotech & Telecoms Limited, our website support services team, will assist with the maintenance of your website and e-commerce platform in order to bring a lasting value for your investment. 


We are the best Mobile Apps developers in Lagos, Nigeria. We adopt an excellent Agile approach for our customers, to ensure we deliver value for services we have been engaged to do.

We are a result oriented Mobile App development company. You can always count on our services.


Being engaged in the business of buying and selling today is not enough if you do not have an online presence. 

You would be able to only serve a small market, which would make you miss out on the greater opportunities that having an online market place can bring. If you sell wares; Clothing, Shoes, Phones, Accessories of any kind, having an e-commerce website is an excellent decision to take. We are able to help you setup a good online store, that would help expand your market base, thereby increasing your profitability.


Have you been worried about how to do importation from China to Nigeria , importation from the USA to Nigeria, importation from Dubai to Nigeria, UK  or Hong Kong?

With our Buy2Naija Online procurement service, we would help you shop and ship to anywhere in Nigeria, hassle free! In order to understand your requirement, please click http://bit.ly/Buy2Naija. When you think of a reliable online purchasing companies in Nigeria, we are at your beck and call.

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